Executive Search

Exceptional individuals can transform your organisation…

…but the best candidates take imagination to find

Our unique cross-sector specialism covers marketing, sales, business and digital roles across a range of industries. Specialising by discipline allows us to identify best practice and find the individual to drive your business forward, wherever they may be located. Rather than being limited by a single sector, we can track down the perfect candidate from a diverse talent pool.

Business Intelligence

New leadership tends to be a catalyst for significant transformation…

…how well do you know best practice in your competitive set?

With transformation comes the need to align the organisation behind a new strategy, step change performance or both. Quality, timely information and analysis is needed to achieve these goals.


Offering someone a senior role can never be an entirely risk-free proposition…

…Hunter-Miller’s assessment process can help mitigate the risks involved.

In addition to evaluating an individual’s background, abilities and potential via methods such as interview, we can also offer psychological evaluation via Hogan methodology and referencing with peers.

Executive Development

People are the ultimate drivers of business results…

…help them to manage situations that the business is likely to experience.

You’ve hired or promoted a new executive. How can you best ensure that they land successfully? That they engage their own teams and stakeholders effectively? And that you can retain them and maximise their potential?

A Partner to Internal Recruitment Teams

We help to build your capability…

…providing intelligence and support when a search goes into unchartered territory.

At Hunter-Miller, we understand that companies both want and need to use internal recruitment teams to source the majority of their new hires.

We can help you get the best out of your internal capability, lending cross-sector reach and flexible resource to support challenging or demanding workloads.



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