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As the boundaries blur between our home and work lives, so they do between business and consumer customers.

And while many businesses have focussed their time on larger enterprise clients, there is an increasing need to adapt to a wider pool of start-ups and SMBs.


Consumer Goods

Premium spirits. Confectionery. Luxury beauty care. What do the companies behind these products have in common?

All rely on incredible brands, cutting edge data and insight capabilities, and sophisticated commercial and operational relationships. The result is a set of truly unique talent demands.


Consumer Services

With a long and successful history with such clients as British Gas and The AA, our expertise in this sector is unparalleled.

Success means using data and insights to be clear about what customers want, creating relevant propositions, and structuring operational teams to deliver against these.

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Digital, Start-up & Scale-up

Challengers are appearing everywhere. Many entrepreneurs are choosing to establish their own companies off the back of an innovative product or idea, or simply because they have spotted a better way to deliver an existing product or service. But barriers to entry are high – and not necessarily by accident. If these start-ups are to succeed they will need some help.


Education, Public Sector and Non-Profit

The public sector needs the very best and brightest talent if it is to compete with the private sector.

Success means taking the best qualities from performance-driven industries while recognising the complexities of diversified aims.


Financial Services & Fintech

From banking and insurance to fintech and P2P lending, Hunter-Miller has advised and recruited for some of The City’s biggest names, and some of its newest entrants.

Our clients are increasingly looking externally to sectors that are genuinely consumer-led and offer seamless multichannel experiences.


Private Equity

Across all of our sectors, we are used to the unique challenges posed by Private Equity ownership.

These businesses demand people with the expertise, flexibility, and the commercial appetite to thrive.



Retail is one of Hunter-Miller’s longest standing strengths and we have exceptionally deep expertise in the sector serving clients of all sizes, from grocery giants to specialist online pureplays, across the full range of retail categories.


Telecommunications, Media and Technology

We have worked with some of the largest broadband, mobile, telephony, TV and technology companies in the UK and overseas.

The sector is growing and stretching its own definition as more and more companies find themselves or their subsidiaries in some way operating within its sphere.

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Travel, Leisure and Hospitality

Tourism, leisure and hospitality industries are undergoing unprecedented change. Opportunities are great, with data suggesting an upward shift in wallet spend going towards experiences rather than material items. The need to understand, service and find new ways to reach customers is greater than ever, just as the means of doing so become increasingly complex and diversified.