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Education, Public Sector and Non-Profit

A tightrope between nuance and sensitivity on the one hand, and the need to deliver ROI and make tough decisions on the other.

Education is a highly considered purchase. It offers a qualification, but also an experience for a potentially life-long brand ambassador. Institutions must manage increasing globalisation and new digital technologies, at the same time as offering better student outcomes without compromising on integrity.

The public sector needs the very best and brightest talent if it is to compete with the private sector. It needs to take a long-term view, but will lose out if encumbered by uncertainty and excessive bureaucracy, in spite of often long chains of command.

The time has come to transform and modernise these areas, bringing them up to date with other targeted, sophisticated and performance-driven industries, while at the same time recognising the importance of complex and diversified stakeholder networks.

Great job
— CEO, Not-Profit SME Consultancy