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Digital, Start-up & Scale-up

Challengers are appearing everywhere. Many entrepreneurs are choosing to establish their own companies off the back of an innovative product or idea, or simply because they have spotted a better way to deliver an existing product or service. But barriers to entry are high – and not necessarily by accident. If these start-ups are to succeed they will need some help.

The competition they bring disrupts markets, prices, and business models, but it also offers massive opportunities to larger businesses that are willing to change the way they operate. Increasingly, innovative young businesses are attracting top talent at grassroots level. For the larger players to succeed they will need to know how to tap into this pool and spot those best able to adapt.

We have worked on both sides of the equation: taking change agents from start-up backgrounds into incubators and head offices of major global businesses; and bringing blue-chip candidates with an edge into younger organisations looking to make the next step.

Hunter-Miller have done a great job finding outstanding people to join us over the last few years. We have very high standards and are not always the easiest sell but they have consistently delivered for us.
— Managing Director, Online Retail Scale-up

Functional Expertise

We work across the majority of consumer/customer-facing and related roles, at board level down to heads of department.

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How we can help

Whether you’re a fledgling business preparing for scale and scrutiny, or an established operator aiming to innovate from within, we can help – be that through:

  • Executive Search

  • Business Intelligence

  • Talent Assessment

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