A Partner to Internal Recruitment Teams

A versatile approach to talent acquisition

At Hunter-Miller, we understand that companies both want and need to use internal recruitment teams to source the majority of their new hires.

Hunter-Miller are well-placed to help you get the best out of your own internal capability, lending our specialist skills to help them fill challenging briefs.


Helping to provide organisational intelligence and sector-specific information

Successful recruitment processes require a successful scoping of the role, and leaving no stone unturned in filling it. That’s where organisational intelligence comes in:

·      Want to know how a company you admire or your competitors structure their roles and departments?

·      Want to know what organisation best-practice looks like a across a particular sector?

·      Want to be sure that you’ve brought every possible candidate into consideration from a particular company or space?

Hunter-Miller’s specialist research teams can assemble and deliver this knowledge to your internal teams at pace


Developing cross-sector knowledge

It’s natural to focus on building up a comprehensive network of potential candidates in businesses most similar to one’s own.

Nevertheless, sometimes, the most transformational talent lies outside of one’s own competitors and even one’s own sector.

Hunter-Miller has over 20 years of experience in helping businesses to facilitate cross-sector hires:

· We can help you to understand the synergies between functions in different sectors

· We can help you build out deep organisational/best-practice knowledge of potential target companies across multiple sectors

· We can help you to grade talent with very different origins and make the right comparisons

Providing independent, best-practice interviewing and talent assessment support

A successful internal recruitment team keeps a tight control on the quality of the candidates whom they introduce to line managers.

This said, this isn’t always easy, especially when the requirement is to recruit multiple positions or even whole teams.

Hunter-Miller’s interviewing and talent assessment expertise, honed in a search environment where quality control is paramount, can help you:

· Our senior consultants and directors are all CEB/Gartner-trained interviewers

· In addition to competency interviewing, our expertise in filling searches allow us to take a fine, comparative read of a candidate’s cultural fit

· We are also able to offer psychometric assessment services: through our in-house, qualified Hogan-practitioners


When the going gets tough, we’re here to lend a hand

At Hunter-Miller, we understand just how tough talent searches can become.

For over twenty years, our flexibility, responsiveness, and imagination have allowed us to overcome these challenges: we never give up until we find the answer.

Whatever your challenge, whatever your need, call us today to find out how we could help you reach your goals.