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Plutarch: Thoughts on People Management

A Revolution in Digital Marketing Capability? Part 1

Thursday 1st October 2015

A new report by BCG, in partnership with Google and The Marketing Academy, promises to shed light on how to transform your organisation's marketing capability for the digital age – with some help from Google's L&D arm.

The report, which you can read below, surveys industry professionals on their views on the place of digital marketing in their businesses. Some of the key points highlighted by the paper are:

  • Marketers don't know their current strengths and weaknesses, listing among their top learning and development needs "strategy development and planning ... an area of broad current strength"
  • Programmatic advertising is effective but underused, and "to achieve these gains in large-scale campaigns, advertisers need ... to make effective use of individuals with advanced digital skills". But how should they access these individuals?
  • Hiringthe right people is difficult: "In theory, companies can choose to build or buy talent, but in practice the current imbalance in supply and demand means that acquiring talent from outside is both difficult and expensive"

Hunter-Miller has its own views on these matters. Watch this space.

BCG perspectives: The Talent Revolution in Digital Marketing

Plutarch in no way claims to offer comprehensive statistical reports – the absence of numbers reveals that much, and individual confidentially remains his priority. Nonetheless Hunter-Miller's vast network offers compelling anecdotal evidence, and some occasionally interesting insights.

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