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Plutarch: Thoughts on People Management

Digital Reflections

Monday 18th December 2017

Marc Cohen of Columbia Graduate School, throws down the gauntlet to retailers and highlights the challenge of integrating digital into everything that we do.

What is your business doing to improve the overall customer journey?

The Memory Mirror: A full sized fashion mirror where customers can record video of themselves trying on clothes and then download and share via social media. Trialed in Neiman Marcus and part of the output of the iLab technology run by Scott Emmons.

Virtual Artist from Sephora: an app that uses your phone to allow you to virtually try on as many different lip colours as you want from the comfort of your own home. Using your smartphone's camera, it can map out your lip location and shape, and allow you to swipe through over 3,000 lip colours by brand, format or shade family. You can share the results via social media and then buy via the app.

TrueIdentity from Cisco: uses customer data from social media accounts to help sales teams provide a more enagaged and personal service to potential customers as they enter the shop.

Technology investments are expensive and need to improve the bottom line, but what is becoming critical is that the technology needs to seamlessly interweave the virtual and actual customer experience. Not only does this mean being able to access the store from your telephone, but it also means that when you are in the store, you expect the service to be personalised to your shopping preferences.

Hunter Miller are very active in this rapidly evolving space. Please call to share thoughts and observations.

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