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Retail is one of Hunter-Miller’s longest standing strengths and we have exceptionally deep expertise in the sector serving clients of all sizes, from grocery giants to specialist online pureplays, across the full range of retail categories.

Across all segments, from food to fashion, retailers are experiencing momentous change. They can capture a wealth of data but most are not making most of that information, either because they are analysing it too little or getting too caught up in it.

Reliable old tools like promotions are no longer as unfailing as they once were, and shoppers are merciless in their capacity to compare prices. Regardless of category, retailers who do not offer strong value propositions and phenomenal service to their customers will fall behind.

What we do

  • Marketing
  • Category Management
  • Trading
  • Digital
  • Data and Insight
  • Design
  • Visual Merchandising
  • International and Emerging Markets
  • General Management
  • CRM